CA DMV approved Drivers Ed

Image used by permission from Metro Educational Systems, LLC is proud to present

Driver's Ed - on the Net® with the Talking Teacher®

This online Driver Education course is approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV).
Instead of sitting in the classroom for four (4) days and taking Drivers Ed, you can study our on-line DE course at YOUR convenience at home, at a friends computer, in the library or wherever you have access to a computer. We would like to introduce you to the Best and Cheapest online Driver's Ed anywhere. When you are finished with our course, you will receive a Completion Certificate (DL387). It is issued by a private High School. You will need this Completion Certificate in order to take your written test at the DMV. Once you have passed the written test at the DMV, you will receive a 'Provisional Driving Permit'. After driving with a licensed Driving Instructor for the first lesson, you can drive with your parents.

Our California DMV APPROVED Driver's Ed course is provided by Driver's Ed - on the Net®

It is the ONLY on-line Driver Education course with a Talking Teacher®.
No need to instead, turn up your speakers and listen!
watch the online drivers ed course in action
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